Welcome to Blue Ocean Bali Villa

One of a kind is the first impression that will welcoming you once you entering this beautiful unique villa, the building characteristic along with all of the decoration and details inside will start making you wondering and feeling amazed, yet you already feel it like home! How comfy!

The design itself is a combination between east and west, between traditional Indonesian, Chinese and Western culture that purposely made to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere for you to relax at.

Take a look with all of the details attached on the wall or all of the small details decorating and placing beautifully in the villa, no other villas like our villa; Blue Ocean Bali Villa, a unique villa on the top edge of Bali.

The villa is also located in a strategic location even being positioned on the top south of Bali, for those who likes surfing, photography or just love being on the beach, we have the new iconic beach of Bali; Padang – Padang beach which is only 15 minutes away by car or you can try The Balangan Beach which is only 20 minutes away by car. Like to golf? Only 10 minutes away, like to eat a fresh seafood? Try the famous Kedongan area of Jimbaran, where you can enjoy the fresh yummy seafood with a white sandy beach spread from coast to coast and it took only 30 minutes to get there.

Start your holiday now!